HamRadioNow AMSAT Fox-1 Interview Now Online

At Hamvention 2013, AMSAT’s VP for Engineering Tony Monteiro, AA2TX, and VP for Education Outreach Mark Hammond, N8MH, sat down with HamRadioNow to talk about the upcoming Fox-1 satellite.  So sit back and learn why “The Whale HTs Don’t Have PL.”


AMSAT is grateful to Gary Pearce, KN4AQ, and HAMRADIONOW.TV for making this available.

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Fox-1 has a Launch Date!

2013 dayton outlines ver2NASA announced Monday that AMSAT’s Fox-1 spacecraft has been assigned a launch in 2014. For details on the launch vehicle, targeted launch date, orbit specifics, and more, please attend the AMSAT Forum and visit the AMSAT booth at the Dayton Hamvention this weekend.  Watch www.amsat.org and the AMSAT News Service for more details to follow as they become available.

AMSAT Now Preparing for Two Launch Opportunities

AMSAT’s focus on STEM education and development of a cubesat platform capable of flying a science mission with a reliable communications link resulted in our previous selection of Fox-1 in the third round and RadFxSat (Fox-1B) in the recent fourth round of NASA’s Cubesat Launch Initiative. Actual launch vehicle selections are dependent on the availability of auxiliary payload space and on what orbits are required.

AMSAT VP Engineering Tony Monteiro reports that he has been in conversation with NASA about our orbital preferences/priorities and we’re awaiting a response from NASA as to a specific launch selection. In the meantime, the engineering team expects to complete Fox-1 in 2013 and have RadFxSat ready in the 2nd half of 2014 in order to take advantage of launch opportunities that may be offered by NASA.

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