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time to re-org the organization

On Sun, 6 Jul 2003, Keith N6ORS wrote:

> Now on the subject of cube/university sats....  I think if we become a
> little bit of a thorn in their sides on the use of our bands , they will
> come to us early in their design phases and at least give us a chance to
> work with them

Hummh...  I donno about you, but becoming a thorn in someone's side is
in my opinion a way to encourage them to come to you...  quite the

HAM radio does not need enemies, it need friends.

de WB4APR, Bob

What are you afraid of bob?
You of all people should be pipelining this process. Is the 
real agenda that the universities want the freedom to use the
bands but no interference from the people they were originally
allocated to? I believe since there appears to be no effort 
what-so-ever on the part of universities to extend a hand to
amsat that maybe its time we extended an elbow and said 
'Hey, we would like to be in the process'.

Keith (N6ORS)
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